Monday, January 21, 2013

Why I'm Not Making a Reading Resolution

In a previous blog entry, I revealed how large a role resolutions played in my journey as a writer. The main reason I wrote my first book was because I had resolved to do it at the beginning of that year. 

I have made more writing resolutions for 2013. Despite this, I will not be making another reading resolution, as I did in 2012. I am a big fan of Goodreads (feel free to friend me!). They give me great suggestions based on my likes, and I can see what my friends and authors I follow are reading—and what they think of what they are reading. 

Around this time of year, Goodreads encourages members to make a reading resolution—a goal for how many books you intend to read throughout the year. 

Last year I made one of these resolutions. I thought it would be fun since I've never tracked how many books I read per year. I saw author Patrick Rothfuss set a goal for 250 books, an insanely large number. I figured if I did merely 52 books, one book per week, I should be fine. 

I didn't make it. Not even close. Check this out. 

(Click to Enlarge. See my failure.)

In case you can't see it, I read only 22 books. Not even half my goal. 

Here's why I don't really care. I was on track through March or so, but then I realized I was avoiding some of the larger books I wanted to read, like A Song of Ice and Fire series, simply because they were large books and I knew it would hurt my stats. 

I started wishing they tracked number of pages instead of number of books. And then I realized that that wouldn't be very accurate (consider font sizes and spacing) so they should really track number of words you read per year. And then I hit myself in the head and saw how stupid I was being. Who gives a crap how much I read? 

So my only real goal for reading in 2013 is . . . to stop watching TV. It's an indirect goal, and I don't watch much TV as it is, but I think it's a good goal nonetheless, and it should help my writing as well. 

So, do you make a reading resolution on Goodreads? Feel free to comment on what your experience has been! Also, if you like, click one of the many share buttons for the various social networks. Or go old-school and send a series of postcards to your friends telling them about this site, if you feel so inclined. 

Here's a postcard from me. With love from Minnesota!