Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flash Fiction!

Rather than thinking about a blog post, I decided to not think at all and post a really random flash fiction story. Some might call it micro fiction.

He had a strange sensation in his ears—a yearning to wipe them with a q-tip.

So Stephen went to the bathroom and pulled out two q-tips, poured hot water over the cotton, and rubbed them inside his ears. He closed his eyes with pleasure—it was nearly orgasmic. When he pulled the tips out, they were soaked red in blood. 

"That can't be good," Stephen mumbled. And without looking, he tossed them into a mini garbage can full of bloody q-tips. 

Before he left the bathroom, he had a strange sensation in his ears—a yearning to wipe them with a q-tip.

Well, I know that's a little funky, but it's free!