Thursday, March 14, 2013

News from the Wicked East

As I've mentioned before, my first story to be published, Winter's Sirens, will be in the anthology Down the Rabbit Hole by Wicked East Press. I discovered last December that my story had been accepted, and since then I haven't heard much about the book's progress. I recently got an email though, so I thought I'd post a short update. 

Right now the friendly editor, Jessica Weiss, has the first draft of the anthology together. She sent all the authors in the anthology the draft so we could look through and do final tweaks/edits to our stories. In all, it looks like there will be about 18 stories in the anthology, and it will be around 100,000 words (word count is a much more accurate way to measure length than number of pages, if you're wondering. For reference, To Kill a Mocking Bird is about 100k words). I've read some of the other author's work and each one I've read has been pretty good, so I'll definitely be able to recommend this anthology with good conscience when it comes out—although I'm not entirely sure when that will be. 
(Here is the cover for the anthology, although I am not sure if this is a final rendition)

One of the things I'm a little embarrassed about is the number of errors in my story. This was one of my first short stories, so it was uplifting when I saw it was getting published, but still . . . there were a lot of errors. Mainly they had to do with writing style rather than grammer, though. For example, I now put spaces in my elipses (( . . . ) instead of (...)) and I figured out how to write with en and em dashes ((—) instead of (-)). I ironed most of those writing style points out when working on my novel (which is about 70k words).

Also, while I had been thinking about the plot for a while, I didn't actually write the story until the day of the anthology's deadline, so I didn't have much time to edit. I furiously spun my yarn, read through it once, and sent it away. I told Annie (my wife) I was embarrassed  that my story had so many more problems than the other stories, and she pointed out that my tale must be pretty good if the editor accepted it despite the errors, and I guess that's true (she's pretty smart). Also, the editor let me know there were over 200 story submissions, so maybe I'm being a little hard on myself. 

Needless to say, I'm excited to see this thing published. Also, here is the link to Wicked East Press, although the editor told me the website has been neglected for some time (I think the person who manages the website had a baby or something) and it will soon be revamped. Currently, it makes no mention of the Down the Rabbit Hole anthology.

That's all for now. I hope to get some writing done tomorrow on my off day. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the second draft of my first novel, Never Upon A Time, and that light looks warm and welcoming!