Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Second Draft—Complete!

It feels good to be able to say I just finished the second draft of my first novel, Never Upon A Time. If you're curious (and how could you not be?) now I'm waiting for my wife to finish reading through the book. Once she does that, I'll take her suggestions and gramatical/spelling corrections into consideration and fix the second draft. After that is complete, I plan to send the book to a friend of mine who is an English teacher and works with students who are in the age range my book is directed toward. After I get suggestions from her, I will then work on getting an agent/publisher. And if that fails, after a while, I'll self publish. Which I am almost more excited to do, because I love working with photoshop and I have some good ideas for a cover. (But getting published would be cool too.)

Anyway, I'm pretty pumped about finishing the second draft. I found the task to be much more arduous and painstakingly slower than writing the first draft. When I wrote the first draft, I would realize there were problems, but just keep writing anyway because I've been told you just need to hammer out a draft to start. On the second draft, however, I was much more nit-picky, and I often spent a half hour or more working on a paragraph, trying to get it just right. 

There were also gaps I recognized with the first draft and parts that I didn't like at all, so I cut a lot of writing from the first half of the novel to make the begininning not as cumbersome, and added a decent chunk of writing (about 9000 words) to the second half so it'd make more sense. In total, the book stands around 75,000 words (about the length of the first Harry Potter book).

Like I said, I'm pretty pumped to finish the second draft. It was a big step. Now I just need to go to sleep, because I need to go to work in a few hours pipetting piss into test tubes so we can figure out if people are using illegal drugs or not . . . the life of a hobby author hoping to be published!