Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Book Update

I'm not sure how many book updates I've done, and I know it'd be simple enough to figure out, but that would require me to exit out of this page (actually, I wouldn't even have to do that) and I'm too lazy for that. So here's another book update. 
(I've noticed if I have a picture in my post, I get more views, so I thought I might as well be ridiculous)
I've been working on short stories for the past few months and haven't been paying much attention to my book while my wife was reading the second draft and writing down her thoughts and opinions. It took her a little while because: she's working on her masters; she's working full time; and she's also in a book club. I wasn't rushing her either—it was nice being able to write four or five largish-short stories. 

But she just finished it the other night and handed me back the binder (199 pages of 1.5 spaced, 12 point Cambria (or 74k words)), and now I'm looking through her grammatical corrections and suggestions. She's already pointed out one major error that I will have to work on, but I'm also excited about that, because in fixing it I think the book has become more interesting. Of course, I have to be a little vague because I don't want to give anything away. Sorry about that. After I finish this process (and it's looking like this might take a little bit) I plan on asking a friend who teaches in the genre to have a look-see, and then, if she agrees to read it, I'll take her thoughts and corrections into consideration, then move on to seeing how many rejection letters I can get from agents (which, for some reason, I am oddly excited about).

So right now I'm working on draft three. Or perhaps it's draft 2.5, since I'm not doing a full re-write. Either way, if I were to be honest with where the book is currently at, I would say it's a decent to okay book, and after making some fixes and added a few layers of complexity, I hope to turn it into a good book. Not sure if I'll ever think of it as a great book. But it will always be my first, and so will hold a dear place in my heart, just like my first burger from IN-N-OUT, wherever you might be now . . .

Well, that post quickly turned from heartfelt to disgusting! Just making sure you were paying attention.