Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not Much Writing . . . Too Much Gardening

I've been trying to get a short story done so I can submit it to an anthology, and the due date is May 15th. As I look down at my calendar, I realize it's now May 11th. Crap. 

I've been keeping busy of late outside working on our garden. This past winter was pretty brutal—I've been living in the upper midwest my whole life and I've never felt cooped up so long. But now it's nice out and I see there is much for me to do out of doors, and it's been keeping me from the computer. Damn you nature!

(I homebrew, and I grow my own hops. Here's a shot of them coming out of the earth once more to kiss the sky)
Anyway, I will finish that story and submit it, I just don't really expect it to be published. First of all, I think they are going to get way more submissions than the last anthology I got accepted in (that one had around 200), and second of all, my story isn't that great. It's a good idea, but I originally meant it to be a book and now I'm trying to truncate it into a short story and it's not really working. The max word count for the submission is 7500, and I'm 200 away from that with a few scenes left to write. Yikes!

Well, I should get working on that, hope the weather is nice from wherever you read this!