Monday, August 26, 2013

Here's a Quick Shot of Inspiration: No Syringe Necessary

In my last post I discussed some how-to-write books and my thoughts overall on that niche. I think the general consensus I felt from people commenting on Google+ and via email was that most people enjoy the inspiration and suggestions in such books, but it's best to not read too many—perhaps one to two per year. 

One thing I forgot to mention, in the department of inspiration, was one of my favorite speeches by Neil Gaiman. Technically, it's also a book (and an artistically pleasing one at that), but it was first a speech. And unlike the book, you can get the speech for free. 

So here it is. An encouraging sermon by one prolific purveyor of speculative fiction.

I've watched the speech several times, and it always makes me excited to go forth and create something new! That is, in my opinion, one of the most magical aspects of writing fiction—the fact that, by merely thinking, we can create people and worlds and stories that, up to the moment we thought of them, never existed. 

As for things I've been up to recently, my wife and I went to the Minnesota State Fair and got to see a bunch of animals and try some weird food. I had some bacon ice cream as well as mini-doughnut beer (the rim was dipped in cinnamon sugar). But I was wondering if people from around the country recognize what these are, pictured below? They are much loved in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but I've heard a rumor that a lot of American's don't know what cheese curds are. Thoughts?
(Deep fried cheese curds at the Minnesota State Fair)