Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Non-Writing Post . . . Some Photography

As the title suggests, this post doesn't have much to do with writing. I still am writing, and am about to get back to work on a short story, but for now I thought I'd share some pictures I took recently. 

As well as being a hobby writer, I am also a hobby photographer. And while I'd like to turn into a paid author and do that as a living, I really don't care to try to make money taking pictures. It's purely a for-fun pastime. 

I especially enjoy taking pictures at night. It allows for interesting lighting you don't get with the sun. Also, when I wonder the streets and forests at night, I get a strange, warm, intoxicated feeling which leads me to believe I might be part wolf. 

So, here are a few of my recent photos, most of which will look better if you click them:

(St. Paul Cathedral—this is actually two pictures merged together. If you look long enough, you might be able to notice where. Although it's not the dark line to the right and above the door. Don't know what that is.)

(This is on a golf course near my house)

(This is the Steppingstone Theatre in St. Paul. I used two others like this to make an HDR pic, which is down further.)

(A pillar. If you couldn't figure that out.)

(The St. Paul skyline, from the east looking west.)

(This is a much loved pub near my house.)
I also recently tried my hand at High Dynamic Range photography (HDR). I used three pics with different lighting and merged them together using a free program called Luminance. After playing with the different filters in the program, this is what I got: 

(Steppingstone Theatre,  HDR)
I'm still learning about HDR, and I'm not sure if this pic looks cool because of the merged pictures or the filter used on the merged picture. I know the detail is boosted along with the contrast in certain ranges, but, like I said, I do this as a hobby, and I'm just doing it for fun!

Finally, here's an HDR shot of my living room, which I uploaded into Photoshop and applied an ink outline filter to, along with some other stuff that I've already forgotten:

(Weird, huh?)
Well, that's all for now. I'm gonna get a workin on writin. After all, this is the official Author Daniel Goldberg blog!