Friday, September 6, 2013

Phew! Done With Book! Pretty Much . . .

Well, I haven't posted anything for a few weeks, and it's because I've been devoting my time toward finishing up my book, tentatively called Never Upon A Time. And now I can say . . . drumroll please . . . that I've finished it! (Pretty much).

I'm in the process of giving a copy to a friend who is an English teacher. She enjoys the genre (YA) and knows what a lot of kids are into right now. So once she goes through my book and gives me some suggestions/grammar and spelling corrections, and after I fix those things, then I'll be completely done. 

Here's a timeline on the book progress: I started the first draft at the end of September 2012, and finished that mid December; then I spent two months writing a second draft (rewriting most of the first half of the book); my third draft was more of an edit, but I did add two large sections to the second half, and then I gave the book to my wife to read/edit (this was completed around May? I think?); finally, this summer, I finished working on her suggestions and got the book to where it is now, a fairly polished novel that I'm proud to have written. Overall time—just under a year. 

I've mentioned this before on the site, but one thing I expected when I finished the first draft of the book was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I had written a book—a lifelong dream. But that really didn't happen. I just jumped straight into editing/redrafting, and didn't feel like I had climbed a mountain at all. 

I am proud, when I sit back and think about having written a book, but I learned two things that are almost more valuable: I love writing; and I recognize in order to get good at it, I need to write a lot more. 

And that's perfectly fine by me. 

(Here's a pic of the sky, for no reason in particular.)