Monday, December 30, 2013

The End of 2013

I started this blog as part of a New Year's Resolution for 2013, and even though I haven't posted as much as I'd have liked in the past two months, I'm still pretty proud for maintaining the site. I mainly wanted to start it in order to form a platform for my writing, because a long term goal of mine is to consistently write fiction. 

And so far the blog has helped. I've gotten a decent number of page views as well as some encouragement with the stories I've posted. I've also put more time into editing my book, which is currently getting a heavy editing from a good friend. 

So while I haven't posted as much or written as much as I'd like in the past two months, during 2013 I did write:

  1. 4-5 short stories
  2. 42 blog posts
  3. Two full drafts of my novel.
  4. A lot of notes and planning for my next novel
Additionally, my most recent short story (which I'll post for free here in a couple weeks) came in around 18,500 words, which should really count as 2-3 short stories. I was shooting for 22 for the year, so I didn't quite hit that part of my resolution, but I think that might've been a bit ambitious! (Next year I'm going to focus more on writing consistently rather than on the number of stories I write.)

The past two months I've been delving a little further into another passion of mine—photography. So as a end-of-the-year present, I'll post some pictures I've taken and you can feel free to download them. Print them or use them as screen-savers or do whatever you want with them, just don't sell them! I suggest clicking on them for a more enthralling experience. (Dimming the lights and playing  Tran Siberian Orchestra might help as well.)

(Here's the Cathedral in St. Paul. I used HDR techniques for this shot.)

(An overlook of St. Paul, with a gnarly oak framing the city.)

(This is my cat.)

(Here's a house in St. Paul decorated for Christmas. It snowed the day after this photo! Bummer)

(This is a coffee house called the Bean Factory, using HDR photography)

So what did you do in 2013? Or what do you want to accomplish in 2014? 

Anyway, have a Happy New Year! In 2014, create something that has never been imagined!