Sunday, January 19, 2014

An Amazing Site for Short Story Submissions

I was thinking about doing a post wherein I researched a ton of different short story markets, then listed the top ones here. My approach was going to involve checking out 'Best Fantasy' or 'Best Sci-Fi' anthologies and then figure out what markets all of those stories came from. Then I was going to give the links for said websites on my blog, in this post. 

But then I came across this blog post by Richard Thomas, and I decided it'd be better to just give you that link, because this is quite a comprehensive list. The link is from January 3rd, 2013, so it's possible some of the markets have gone defunct (like the first place I got a short story accepted for publication), but from what I can tell it looks like a pretty butt-kickin' list. 

Otherwise, I used to use Duotrope to search for markets, but then they started charging a subscription fee and I haven't been back since. But if you're willing to pay the fifty bucks or so per year, I found that website very helpful. 

In other news, I wrote a short story over the past two days, and I liked the way it turned out. Now I just need to do a second draft, and then maybe I'll submit it to some of those websites...

Here's a picture I took today! Nature!

That's all for now.