Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Post of 2014! And Exciting News!

(This was the closest thing I had to a New Year's picture. It's an abstract shot of bottle caps)

When I was growing up I didn't get into jumping up and down for the new year or New Year's Resolutions or stuff like that. But for some reason I've been setting goals for the past couple years. I think it has to do with the fact that, in 2012, I made some New Year's Resolutions as a joke, and then surprised myself by fulfilling them (read that post, from about a year ago, here, if you want).

So, in order to dull down the New Year hype a little, I think I'll start getting super excited about random days throughout the year. Like this:

-It's the first Tuesday after St. Patrick's Day!
-It's been 46 hours since the 4th of July!
-It's the first Wednesday to fall on a date with a 3 in it after the first snowfall of two inches or more in 2014!

They're all just as significant as the new year, right?

Except people tend to not make resolutions for them. And speaking of resolutions, here are some I've made. 

1) My main one is to be less timid this year about my creativity. I love writing and photography, and I do a decent amount of both, but I'm shy about sharing it. You might think I'm lying, since I post all this out into the public sphere on my blog, but I don't tell many family or friends about my work. I've written a book, and so far two people who know me know about it. One is my wife. The other is a good friend who I asked to edit the book. I don't think I'm going to get very far if people aren't aware of the stuff I've written. (If you want to check out a free short story, click here).

2) My other goal is a writing goal, and that's to focus on the amount of time I spend writing. I'm shooting for five hours a week, every week. Last year I focused on number of stories written, and I started to get depressed because I was nowhere near my goal of 22 short stories. I ended up writing a measly five! But then I realized that I had written two drafts of my 90k word book and wrote 42 blog posts in addition to those measly 5 stories. And two of those stories were around 15k words. So in reality I wrote quite a bit. I think getting into a healthier habit of writing a certain amount of time daily will be more helpful than shooting for a specific number of stories. 

3) Also, while my main personal goal is to be less timid, the most important thing for me this year is to be a good . . . drumroll please . . . FATHER! That's right, my wife is due in early June!

So here's a fun question—the baby will soon be able to hear, and although it probably won't understand english, I'm planning on reading to it. What do you think is a good book to read to a baby in womb? Goodnight Moon? The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? War and Peace? Give me your thoughts!

So that's all for now. I promise you this will be my last end of the year/New Year's Resolution blog. We can only milk that cow for so long, right?

Happy writing, may the pen be with you.