Friday, March 28, 2014

I Won!

This is going to be a short blog, but . . . I won!

A few months ago I mentioned Patrick Rothfuss was doing his annual Worldbuilder's Fundraiser—in which he raises money for Heifer International by selling "lottery tickets," with which you can win signed books and games.

I won some games! This is the first time in three years of donating to the fundraiser that I've won something, and I'm pumped! Also, I used to work at a board game store, so even though signed books sound cool, I thought it was fitting that I won some games.

So far I've only punched out and put together the dice from Diceland Ogre. It seems like an interesting game. You toss large octahedron dice onto a table. Depending on how they land you maneuver your army.


In other news, I heard back from Shimmer, and they didn't take my short story I mentioned in my last blog post, but they did give some valuable feedback!

Happy writing!

(I feel like I used a few too many exclamation points in this blog post.)