Thursday, March 27, 2014

Short Story Tracker

I'm feeling that satisfied sense of accomplishment right now.

From having a story published, you ask?

Ha! No—from submitting a story to be published.

I just submitted a flash fiction story to Shimmer. Hopefully I'll get some good news. They're a premium short story destination, and I'd be tickled purple to see an acceptance email. But even if I don't get one, I've come to enjoy submitting to them because they tend to give valuable feedback with each story of mine they reject.

That doesn't happen very often when I submit stories. Most of the time, the rejection letters are succinct and simply inform me that the story is not going to be published. Since I mainly submit stories to premium sites, I don't expect much—they do receive a crap ton of stories. But still, it's nice when you hear why they didn't like your story.

Anywho, here's a small section of my short story tracker I use to remind myself of where I've submitted my stories. I know there are online tools that do this, but for some reason I enjoy making spreadsheets with excel.

I've been trying to get The Migraine Prophecies published the longest, as you can probably tell. The first story on the list, Winter's Sirens, was actually accepted for publication (an awesome feeling it was, getting that email), but the publisher went defunct before the story hit the presses. I was bummed by that, but when I initially found out the story had been picked up, I was inspired to pump out the rest of my novel (which I'm still working on, don't worry). So that's a plus.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Here's yet another random photo.

(Me preparing a snow trench during a recent winter backpacking trip)

Here's another one!

(No tent necessary!)

Happy writing!