Friday, March 21, 2014

Some Writing Help From Sanderson

I've been meaning to start The Way of Kings for a while, the first of the scheduled 10 part epic fantasy by Brandon Sanderson. Recently I picked up a paperback copy that's about as thick as a Gutenburg Bible (though not as expensive). While I haven't started the book yet, I did check out Sanderson's website, and I found some useful writing resources. 

If you go to this link, you can find other links to lectures that he's given at BYU university. Each episode is about an hour and ten minutes long. I've watched them all and I thoroughly enjoyed them. 

I don't know Sanderson on a first name basis or anything, but from the videos, I'd have to say he seems like a great guy who is genuinely excited about seeing success in us authors who are clawing for daylight! 

My favorite videos are the ones where he discusses his plotting method—an interesting thing to know considering he is a ridiculously prolific writer. I also appreciate how he never says, "You have to do it this way, or suck!" I kinda got that feeling from On Writing, by Stephen King (although I loved that book, too), and it's just nice to see someone who unbiasedly goes through the pros and cons of discovery vs. plotting writing. 

This was probably my favorite video of the six that are available so far...

Like I said, the videos are his lectures from a class he teaches at BYU, so some of the videos (especially the first one), have a decent amount of info for students that won't apply to the lay watcher. 

But, aside from that, the videos are quite helpful!  Let's all say it together...Thanks Brandon Sanderson!

Finally, here's a picture I took of a piece of ice on Lake Superior that looks like George Washington. 

Happy writing,