(Daniel backpacking on the Superior hiking trail)
I was born September 30th, 1986 in Hudson—a town in Wisconsin so close to St. Paul it feels like it's part of Minnesota. 

After graduating high school I attended college at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and in 2009 earned a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology. As the ink on the diploma was still drying, I married his wife, Annie. We currently reside in St. Paul, Minnesota with our friendly orange tabby, Leo, and our newborn son.
(Annie and Daniel at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin)

Currently, I'm working toward publishing short stories as well as my first novel

My first work to be accepted for publication was my short story Winter's Sirens. Unfortunately, the small, independent publisher went defunct before the story was in print, so I'm still waiting for my first published work.

My list of previous jobs are varied and random—something to expect of someone whose dream is to be a full-time writer. The list includes: soccer referee, pizza maker, coffee-maker repairman, cashier, plasma-donor technologist, and nuclear medicine technologist. Currently, I perform drug testing as a forensic technologist.

Besides writing, my hobbies include: reading, cooking, home brewing, backpacking, and photography.

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