I like to dawdle with photoshop occasionally—here are some of my projects.

      This first one (above) is the banner for the site. I probably didn't need to include it, but I figured I could point out some interesting things. First, the letters for DANIEL GOLDBERG were all created as individual layers in Photoshop, then I merged them and added a bevel filter to give them that pop-out-of-the-page feel. The photo I have in the background is simply a shot of me camping my wife took. I desaturated the colors a bit, then liquified the forest in the background to give it a wavy feel. I've since removed the writer in the lower right. I felt that was fairly obvious. 

     Here's a video I made of a trip to Arizona, wherein I took a butt-load of pictures and then used them to make a stop motion movie. The lightning pictures are in Tucson, and the Grand Canyon pictures are at the Grand Canyon. 

     Here's a nice shot of Mount Rushmore, below. 

     You're probably looking at this photo and thinking, Everything looks normal to me. In fact, I am not a president. I used to offer this service on Fiverr—taking a photo of people and putting their face on Mount Rushmore. But nobody bought that one. I guess people aren't as vain as I am. Anywho, the way to do this is to simply copy a picture of yourself over the base image of Mount Rushmore, turn your photo to black and white, then resize your face to be similar to one of the presidents. After that, just erase the superflous stuff until it looks somewhat believable. It helps to use a feather edge on the eraser.

      This picture is of my in-laws dog wearing a reindeer hat. I added him to a wintery sled dog scene. It doesn't look that realistic, but one thing that helps is the shadow I added underneath him. My in-laws used it as a Christmas card. So yeah, their weird like me.

      I sometimes use Photoshop to make artsy pictures people might actually want to buy. No one's bought this one yet, but it makes a great desktop background in the fall. I made it by creating two layers of the same picture over each other, then turned the top layer to black and white and simply erased all the areas of the black and white photo where pumpkins are, revealing the orange of the color copy beneath.

     This was the most time consuming photoshop project I've worked on. It's a map of Minnesota built for a board game I love, Power Grid. Every city, number, city name, and connection on this map was a different layer. In the end I had over a hundred. I used the clone stamp function in Photoshop and copied maps I had to get the right texture background. Not sure if this is legal to show people. Whatever.

    This last one is a family photo. I didn't ask my wife (or cat) if they minded being on my site. So don't tell them. This isn't very realistic looking, but I added it because I think it's funny. The original photo of my wife, cat, and me was taken in our living room. We put on our winter coats to make it look more realistic. The background photo is Switzerland or something like that.

That's all I got for now, hopefully that kept you entertained for a few minutes. If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact me. If you felt amused, feel free to share this on Facebook or Twitter or whatever you share things on. I am still working on figuring out the HTML for sharing buttons—if you were wondering why I have some at the top and bottom of the blog as well as the floating bar to the left. And the Tumbler button on the top right . . .